Why Spotify Stop playing after 10 Seconds? Fix it

Suppose you are streaming your favorite song or podcast on Spotify, and suddenly it stops without any notification or warning, how will you react?

You will probably restart your app to listen to the podcast or song again. But if it happens again, how will you figure out the reasons? How will you be able to fix this problem? Will you switch to any music app?

It happened to me last week when I was listening to my favourite song. In this article, I am sharing with you those probable reasons that can spoil your entertainment on Spotify

Along with reasons, you will also read how to fix Spotify if it keeps pausing after a few seconds or 10 seconds.

Hence, no need to bother. No need to switch to another musical app. I`m here with you to provide the solution and reasons for Spotify Stop playing after 10 Seconds.

Reasons why your Spotify keep stopping or stop playing after 10 seconds

You will explore Spotify lovers in every corner of the world. They enjoy the app because of unlimited reasons that can make their experience of listening to their favourite music the best.

But some unexpected issues downgrade its experience. If you are also experiencing that your Spotify app keeps stopping frequently without any notice, then, it’s time to recognize the reasons first.

Go through the following pointers and figure out what causes your Spotify keeps stopping after 10 seconds:

1. Is Someone Else Using Your Spotify Account?

spotify account

Spotify never shares your data with anyone. It also never allows you to play music on many devices simultaneously.

If anyone else has hacked your account by signing into it, then, this problem may occur. Your Spotify app will keep stopping after every 10 seconds. You will not be able to enjoy it like before.

2. Are your internet services poor?

Spotify is a streaming music platform that requires a stable internet connection to work properly. So, make sure to Check whether the internet service on your mobile is good or not.

If the internet connection is slow, you will experience a problem with your Spotify app. This problem will persist until you get a high-speed internet connection.

So. make sure to Run speed test for strength of internet connection on your phone.

3. Is there any issue with the Spotify App?

It may be possible that the problem is with the Spotify App that will be resolved by its team within time. You can track the issues with Spotify on Spotify Status Twitter Feed easily.

The company announces related issues with Spotify here so that its users will not disappoint when they face any issue on their Spotify App.

Moreover, you can go through the Down Detector, a crowd-sourced page where the users complain about their issues.

4. Are you using an old version of the Spotify App?

When did you last update your Spotify app? Check if your app needs to be updated when your app keeps stopping playing after every 10 seconds.

The old version of the app can be the cause of interruption when you are streaming your favorite music or podcast on your device.

5. Is the software of your device old?

Another cause of this interrupted use of the Spotify App can be the old version of your mobile software. When we update the software of our iPhone or Android,

we used to experience downloaded apps in a better way. A poor version of the software can obstruct your entertainment on the Spotify app.

6. Is the problem with the data storage?

check storage data of your phone how much full

Sometimes the app struggles because of the problem of data storage. In this case, you have to clear the memory of your app to come out of the problem of frequently pausing the Spotify app.

7. Are you running multiple apps?

If you are running multiple apps on your device, you can face a problem with the Spotify app. The use of multiple apps will not allow your Spotify App to run the playback in a better manner.

You will find difficulty in listening to the music. It will keep stopping frequently. So, make sure to run the Spotify app only or less multiple apps.

8. Is the issue with your offline playlist?

Can you not listen to music on Spotify when you play your offline playlist? If yes, then, the problem is not with the Spotify app.

The problem is with your offline playlist. Maybe it is corrupted and can not be reformed in any way.

9. Are you using the low-power mode?

Sometimes the low-power mode of mobile does not let allow the users to use the apps efficiently because it is set to prevent the battery to be drained fully.

It may be possible that you cannot listen to your favorite music on Spotify because your Android or iPhone is set to low-power mode.

How to Fix Spotify Stops after 10 seconds?

Once you identify the cause of interrupted music on Spotify, you will be able to fix Spotify to keep stopping after a few seconds. Read the following ways that will help you the most:

1. Log out of your Spotify accounts

If you find that someone else is using your Spotify account, you should log out of your account on all devices. Follow the following steps to log out of your Spotify account:

  • Open your Spotify app.
open spotify app on your phone
  • Tap on the option of Settings given in the top right corner of the screen.
tap setting option on spotify
  • Scroll down the screen and Hit the option of log out to log out from your Spotify account.
tap on logout option to logout your account on spotify app
  • If you log into your Spotify account with a password, you should change it immediately.

2. Check your internet services

You should check whether the internet service that you are using is low or not. you can check it just by searching “run speed test” on google.

run internet speed test on your phone

If the internet connection is down, switch to another wifi connection. You will be able to use the Spotify app as before on a high-speed internet connection.

3. Wait until the issue with the Spotify app gets resolved

If you find on the Spotify Status Twitter Feed that any issue is obstructing the entertainment on Spotify, then, you should wait for some time.

No need to switch to any other musical app. Such issues are temporary that are resolved within a short period.

4. Update Spotify App

Check whether you are playing the old version of the Spotify app and it needs to be updated. In this case, you should update your Spotify app to get back a better experience.

For Android:- go to the Google Play store and update your Spotify App from there by searching Spotify.

tap on update option to update your spotify app on android

For iPhone:– Visit the Appstore and update your Spotify App from there by searching Spotify.

tap on update option to update your spotify app on iphone

5. Update mobile software

update software of your phone

Those users who use the old version of software on Android or iPhone should update their mobile software.

For this, you need to go to the settings of your mobile phone. When you scroll down the options, you will get one option of ‘Software Update’. Just click on it.

You will be able to update your software in no time.

6. Clear the cache of your Spotify app

If you identify that your Spotify app is malfunctioning due to the problem of data storage, then, you should clear the cache of your phone.

For this, you should follow the following steps:

For Android

Follow the below steps for clearing the cache of your Spotify app on an Android phone:-

  • hold the Spotify app on your Android phone.
hold the spotify app
  • Tap on the app info option.
tap on the clear cache option for clearing cache of your spotify app
  • Go to the storage usage option.
Go to the storage usage option.
  • Now, tap on the clear cache option for clearing cache of your spotify app.
tap on the clear cache option for clearing cache of your spotify app

For Iphone

Since there`s not any direct way to clear cache your Spotify or any app on iPhone.

So, you would need to delete the app and then again install the Spotify app. Follow below steps for these:-

  • Go to the setting of your iPhone.
tap on setting app on iphone
  • Tap on the general option.
tap to the general option on iphone
  • Go to the iPhone storage.
Tap on the iphone storage option on your iphone
  • Find the Spotify app from the list and tap on it.
  • Scroll down and tap on the delete app option.
  • Now, Install the Spotify app from app store and log in.

7. Turn off Data saver mode on spotify

Data saver mode may interrupt the internet connection and lower the audio quality which it may create issues in playing songs on Spotify.

So, you should disable the data saver mode on your Spotify app.

Follow the below steps to disable save mode on Spotify:-

  • Go to the setting (gear icon) on your Spotify app.
tap setting option on spotify
  • Here, you would find the option to Save data under the Data Saver option. If its turned on then you should disable it.
save data - data saver option on spotify
  • For turning it off, Swipe the toggle bar to the left side of the Save data to turn it off.
Swipe the toggle bar to the left side of the Save data to turn it off.

8. Exit from multiple apps

If you are working on the other apps with the Spotify app, then, you should exit from those apps. Their music videos will not let your Spotify app play any kind of music in the background. It will keep stopping. Hence, you should exit from multiple apps.

9. Download the offline playlist again

If your offline playlist is corrupted, then, you should download it again to play it smoothly. Otherwise, there is no option by which you can play it without interruption.

10. Exit from the low-power mode

Exit from the low-power mode or power saving mode

The low-power mode or power-saving mode of the mobile phone does not let users use the apps smartly.

If you are running your phone in power-saving mode then you should exit from it. Then, you will find that the Spotify app can be played without any kind of interruption.


Does Spotify automatically stop playing?

Yes, the Spotify app automatically stops playing music. It rarely happens with the listeners. But when it happens, it happens due to any reason. Hence, you should find out why this problem is persisting to come to a solution.

Can I fix Spotify to keep Pausing or stopping issues?

Yes, you can fix Spotify to keep pausing or stopping issues by figuring out the exact reason. You can install it again, update it again, clear the cache, check your internet connection, download your offline list again, etc.

Does Spotify stop after a few seconds only in free or premium?

You can’t say that only free users have to face the problem on Spotify. Even premium users have to face the problem of stopping or pausing on the Spotify app. This is a technical issue that can happen to anyone.


Hope that you have got the solution and reasons for your issues on Spotify Stop playing after 10 Seconds.

And now the music would be playing well on your spotify app. If you get any issue or would like to say something about the given information then you can do comment below.

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