What is Spotify color palette? How to Make Spotify color palette?

Are you looking for a substitute for Spotify Wrapped that doesn’t let you wait till the end of the year? If yes, then, I will tell you that substitute.

This substitute name is Spotify Color Palette i.e. a third-party website that has been designed by a software developer Israel Medina from Texas, USA.

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Spotify color palette analyzes musical taste based on your six months of listening habits on Spotify.

Now, you don’t need to wait until the end of the year to know the analysis of your musical tastes. Even your friends can also explore what your taste is on Spotify.

Grab more details about what is Spotify color palette and how to make Spotify color palette in this article.

What is spotify color palete?

A few third-party websites bring amazing tools to enhance the music experience on Spotify App.

One of those websites is Spotify Color Palette which is trending among music lovers. It makes your music taste viral among your friends and followers.

This not only categorizes your listening habits over the past six months into colors, but also exhibits your personality based on your music tastes.

The colours of Spotify color palette represent your personality traits including valence, danceability, energy, and much more.

Therefore, Spotify lovers don’t like to wait for the Spotify Wrapped that comes once a year. They use Spotify Color Palette and add the exclusive feature of vibrant color palette that demonstrates music taste.

How does Spotify Color palette work?

Just fall into the aesthetic love of Spotify color palette with the musical app Spotify.

Spotify Color Palette uses the data of the past six months to analyse your listening habits on the Spotify app.

It analyses which music track you play the most. Furthermore, it investigates your favorite music, songs, genres,

and artists that you listen to the most over the past six months. Thereafter, it offers a color palette to the Spotify fan.

Your colour palette defines your musical taste. It also defines your personality traits like the Spotify Wrapped.

Spotify shares only your listening habits with Spotify Color Palette. Your personal data remains safe and secure with Spotify.

How to Get Spotify Color Palette?

You don’t need to go through a hectic procedure to make the Spotify Color Palette activate on your Spotify app. Check out the following steps to get started on the Spotify Color Palette:

  • Step 1: Visit the Spotify Color Palette Website on the new tab or browser.
screenshot for visit color pallete
  • Step 2: Tap sign in to spotify to continue option for logging.
screenshot for sign in to spotify to continue on spotify pallete website
  • Step 3: Log in with your Spotify account by filling in your login credentials (email and password) or continue with Google, apple, Facebook accounts.
screenshot for Log in with your Spotify account on spotify palette
  • Step 4: Now, Allow Spotify Color Palette(third-party tool) to access your Spotify App. Tap on Agree to allow the website to use your data for the last six months of the Spotify App on spotify palette.
screenshot for agree option to allow permission to spotify palette from your spotify account
  • Step 5: Get an interesting report based on your listening habits in six months in color palette.
screenshot for color palette base on las 6 month listening habbit.png

In the Above screenshot, you can see that I have got Red palette based on my last 6 month listening habiit that indicated ‘energetic song’.

Now, you can Share a screenshot with your friends and followers on social media.

Now, get started on the Spotify color palette and get your colour palette in no time. But remember one thing you should have the past six months of listening data on Spotify.

Features of Color palette of spotify

Get amused with the amusing features of the color palette of Spotify. Check out what its amusing features are through the pointers given below:

  • Get the list of the top 15 songs that you have played the most on Spotify.
  • Each color palette has a different meaning. Get your personality trait with the color palette.
  • Share a screenshot of your musical taste with your family and friends.
  • Let your friends appreciate your unique musical taste on the Spotify color palette.

Types of Color Palette of spotify

Israel Melinda designed this exclusive website with some thoughtful colours. Each color symbolizes the factor behind your musical taste.

Let’s read about different types of colour palettes on Spotify and understand their significance.

  1. Red colour palette: Red colour palette shows your interest in listening to energetic songs.
screenshot for Red colour palette

2. Pastel colour palette: Pastel colour palette shows how much you are fond of listening to both energetic and danceable songs.

Pastel palette

3. Orange colour palette: Your interest in danceable songs is reflected through the orange colour palette.

screenshot for spotify orange palette

4. Yellow colour palette: Yellow colour palette shows your interest in happy and cheerful songs.

screenshot for spotify yellow palette

why & How to Fix spotify color palette not working?

As you know that Spotify Color Palette uses your past six months’ data to show the results. But if you don’t have specific data over the past six months, then, what will you get? Nothing. You will not get a colour palette in any way.

But what should you do when you have enough data for the past six months over the Spotify app to offer it to Spotify Color Palette?

Or if the Color pallete website is not opening. Then, You need to figure out what are those possible causes and how to fix them. Check out the following solutions to fix up the issue with a color palette:

  • Choose a new web browser to open the Spotify Color Palette. You can use a new incognito window or private browsing mode.
  • Update your web browser if the Spotify Color Palette doesn’t work.
  • See if any add-ons or browsing extensions are malfunctioning the performance of the colour palette. Disable them and access to the color palette without any ado.


what is difference between Spotify Wrapped and spotify color palete?

The Spotify-wrapped is an in-built feature. It’s analysis comes at the end of the year. It can only be got once a year. But Spotify color palette is a third-party tool that provides you with an instant analysis based on the past six months of listening habits on the Spotify app.

How do I find my Spotify Color Palette?

You can find your colour palette on the web browser of your PC/ laptop. Just search for it on the web browser. You should use the new incognito window tab. When you sign into your Spotify account, the Spotify colour palette will ask for your permission to access the app. Confirm it and use the colour palette.

Is it safe to use website color palette?

Yes, it is safe to use a website colour palette. But it should be Spotify color palette as it only gathers data related to six months of activities on Spotify. It has no connection with your credentials on Spotify.

Why spotify color palette website not working?

If the spotify color palette website is not opening then it may be the server down issues by their end or if not enough showing data from the past six months on the Spotify app. Therefore, your Spotify color palette doesn’t get much data to provide you with the colour palette and you feel that it is not working.

Wrapping Up

I hope that the information shared in this article about the Spotify Color Palette has answered your all queries.

Now, you will not get any hurdles in getting started on Spotify color palette. Hence, start the Spotify colour palette and get the color palette based on your past six months listening behavior over the Spotify app.

Please share your feedback with us. It will help us in knowing better about you. Leave your query in the comment section. We will help you soon once get your problem.

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