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‘How bad is your Spotify’ also known as judge my Spotify is a well-known third-party website among Spotify lovers.

It will judge your songs, playlists, genres, and artists. Then, it will give you the score. Furthermore, it will also ask you whether you are satisfied with the results or not.

In this way, it keeps you engaged in the journey of humorous entertainment.

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Judge my Spotify How Bad Is Your Spotify

How you can Judge your spotify ?

You can judge your Spotify in a very funny manner. You don’t need to wait for the annual results of the Spotify Wrapped issued for Spotify premium users once a year.

You can use the Pudding Cool company-owned AI bot tool ‘How bad is your Spotify.’

You will not only get the list of your favourite music tracks, genres, artists, and podcasts like other third-party websites and Spotify Wrapped.

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You will get much more than this. You will get the review of your musical taste with funny comments.

You can share the results on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook as other Spotify lovers do. You will be amazed to see how amazingly it works there.

Your friends will get an interesting thing to have some funny chats with you.

How to Judge your spotify?

Check out how this amazing software can be started with some easy steps given in the following pointers:

  • Go to the website ‘How Bad is Your Spotify’ on your web browser.
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  • Then, go to the option of Find Out.
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  • Log in to the Spotify account with credentials.
for screenshot to log in with spotify on judge my spotify website
  • Permit to Judge My Spotify to get access to Spotify data.
for screenshot to allow the grant permit of how to bed your spotigy
  • Explore the list of bad music that you heard on Spotify and the score based on your musical tastes.
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  • Get roasted by your friends and followers when you will share all these comments on various social media platforms.

How does ‘Judge my spotify’ Platforms works?

This is AI based third-party tool that is integrated with Spotify API keys. When you are permitted to access the data from Spotify,

you will get a comprehensive analysis of your most-played bad tracks and artists. You are judged based on your listening history on Spotify.

Then, you will come to know your flaws in choosing the songs, genres, and artists. Furthermore, you can make it viral how bad you are on Spotify.

Features of How Bad Is Your Spotify to judge spotify

Let’s find out the features of how bad is your Spotify to judge Spotify in the following points:

  1. This is an AI-powered free tool.
  2. This is legal to use. This only accesses the listening data of Spotify.
  3. It has surpassed the popularity of Spotify Wrapped due to the humorous stats. You will be astonished to see these results that can tell you how bad a music listener you are.
  4. You don’t need to wait for one year. You can get insightful analysis instantaneously.
  5. Share its results on social media platforms and start a humorous conversation with your friends.

How to remove access from ‘How Bad Is Your Spotify’ on your spotify?

This is as simple as permitting accessibility of access to the data on Spotify. You can open your Spotify account on the web browser.

Then, you should go to the applications to remove the third-party website i.e.How Bad is Your Spotify


Is how bad is your Spotify safe to use?

Yes, How bad is your Spotify free to use. This is a free AI tool that is legal to use. You can access the data of Spotify without coming into the category of data stealing and cybercrime.

What is the difference between spotify wrapped and How bad is my spotify?

Spotify wrapped is completely different from how bad is my Spotify. Spotify wrapped doesn’t provide users with a comprehensive analytical report based on listening history. How bad is my Spotify generates a funny static report to the users whenever they want.

Is there more platforms to judge my spotify?

Yes, there are many platforms to judge my Spotify. You can explore various platforms like Spotify colour palette, Favourite Music Guru, Spotify Wrapped, etc. All these platforms are built with different kinds of features on Spotify.

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