How Much Does Spotify Pay for 1 Million Streams?

Looking for how much Spotify pays for 1 million streams? Tired of working hard to upload playlists on Spotify?

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In this post, we will show you how to increase Spotify streams without so much struggle and how much Spotify will pay you for one million streams.

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Furthermore, you will also get some interesting details about getting a sudden hike in Spotify streams that you will never get on any other platform than this.

Keep reading this article to make a great future on Spotify!

Does Spotify pay for the streams?

Yes, Spotify pays for streams. When you calculate the price per stream, you will find that it is nothing. Therefore, you should have the capability to get at least 1 million streams on Spotify.

This will make you a good earner on Spotify. There are many tricks that you can use to increase the organic traffic growth on your Spotify.

Spotify calculates each stream and pays you for each one. Here, you will learn those unbeatable tips to outrank on Spotify.

How much can you earn with 1 million streams on Spotify?

The earnings on Spotify depend on numerous factors. Spotify has not disclosed how much it pays for artists for their 1 million streams.

But as per my knowledge, it only pays USD 0.004 for one stream and for 1000 streams, it pays USD 4.

Suppose, you have got 1 million stream counts on Spotify, then, you will get USD 4000. But it is not easy to get 1 million streams on Spotify. It needs your grit, perseverance, and patience to reach that target.

How can You see streams on Spotify?

Check out the following pointers to see streams on Spotify:

  • Launch your Spotify app.
  • Hit the option of Search.
for screenshot to Hit the option of Search.
  • Enter the name of the artist in the search bar.
for screenshot to Enter the name of the artist in the search bar.
  • You can see stream counts below each song enlisted in the popular songs.
for screenshot to You can see stream counts below each song enlisted in the popular songs.

how does Spotify Count Streams on Spotify?

Spotify counts streams on Spotify through the following ways:

  • Song Stream: When any user listens song for up to 30 seconds, the song stream is counted.
  • Release Stream Count: Release streams of songs are counted. In this, multiple releases are counted.
  • Downloaded music: Spotify counts offline music streams when the user comes online at least once in 30 days.

How can You earn 1 million streams on Spotify?

You should have the following skills to earn 1 million streams on Spotify:

  • You should know how to target the audience of the genre of your music.
  • You should know which platforms can boost the organic traffic growth on Spotify.
  • You should know how to build an outstanding portfolio on Spotify to get the attention of listeners.

How can your Country Impact your Earnings with Streams on Spotify?

Yes, your country impacts your earnings with streams on Spotify. Every country does not pay the same amount.

For example, if the listener on Spotify belongs to the USA will pay USD 0.0039 whereas if the listener on Spotify belongs to Portugal will only pay USD 0.0018.

In this way, your earnings are impacted by the different countries’ listeners because when you upload any song on Spotify, it is listened to across the world.

How can You increase the traffic growth on Spotify?

It is not very difficult to increase the organic traffic growth on Spotify. You need to build a few strategies to increase the audience on your Spotify. Check out the tips that are given below:

1. Create your Spotify Artist Profile

To become a successful artist on Spotify, it is essential to create your Spotify artist profile. This will show your strength on Spotify to your audience and they are encouraged to follow your account.

What should you need to do? You should use all the tools that Spotify offers to artists such as Spotify Ad Studio, social media sharing tools, embeddable players, etc.

This will allow you to get more information about your Spotify account performance. Your listeners can also view your stream counts and other things if you have created an artist profile.

2. Update Spotify profile

Do you want more and more audience should stop by your Spotify account? If yes, then, think about what you are doing to make it more interesting.

Have you added any interesting bio to your Spotify account? Do you upload high-quality pictures for your playlists?

Do you add social media links when you release any new playlist? Do you update it regularly?

If you haven’t started any one of the above-given things, you should start doing it today onwards.

You will find that you are getting a sudden organic growth in your account.

3. Explore social media platforms

What do you need to do to advertise your Spotify playlists without any cost?

You need to explore more social media platforms to advertise your songs and earn more traffic growth.

Therefore, do the following things to add more listeners to your platform:

  • Share your playlists on Facebook. Encourage your friends and followers to like your songs and follow your account on Spotify.
  • Share your playlists on Facebook stories and don’t forget to add the link to your Spotify account.
  • Give your Spotify link to your Instagram bio.
  • You can send your released playlists to your friends on chats via Instagram.
  • If you have a YouTube channel, you can pin your Spotify link at the top of the comment on a YouTube video.

4. Get a huge fanbase on X

Do you know what makes Twitter different from X?

Obviously, music has made it different from Twitter. Now, you can upload the audio and videos on X along with tweets.

These days the music industry is highly active on the platforms. The new music and artists are discussed very much.

You can build a huge fanbase of your music on the X handle by following some ways:

  • Create short and snappy content on X.
  • Follow the most active accounts on the handle.
  • Add the link to your Spotify account to the XX user profile.
  • Always keep your followers engaged with your Twitter account. You can do it by adding tweets on your handle frequently.
  • When you upload a few glimpses of your music on your X account, you should use wise hashtags to target the right audience.
  • Go live with your followers to tell them about your launches and upcoming playlists.
  • You can use Twitter analytics to track the growth of your account.

5. Create YouTube videos

You can create some small YouTube videos to show your journey on Spotify.

You can tell the viewers how you create the lyrics and how they are sung by you for the recording. Your fans would like to hear your Spotify story.

6. Buy some promotional ads

You can buy some promotional ads to reach more audiences on Spotify. You should buy Facebook ads and Spotify ads.

These paid promotional tools will help you grow a wide network of followers on Spotify.

You will get a sudden hike in your Spotify streams by investing a little money in promotional ads.

7. Send emails to your fans

You can send emails to your fans whenever you release any new album, the latest songs, or for promotion of tracks.

Always remember that your created emails directly impact the minds and hearts of your fans. Therefore, they should be very engaging.

The reader should feel that the sender is just sitting opposite to him and telling all these things to him.

8. Connect with other artists

You should connect with other artists on Spotify. The artist should be reliable and trustworthy. He can help you in building a strong fanbase on Spotify and vice versa.

He will recommend your music and you will recommend his. This collaboration will allow both of you to share each other’s playlists on Spotify and advertise each other to grow organic traffic for each other’s business.

9. Create interest for the launch date

You can use your various social media platforms to create interest among your audience regarding the launch date of your next album on Spotify.

Create catchy slogans and other things to attract them.

You can host live sessions on various social media accounts to tell your fans what special you will bring up for your fans in this music album.

is Spotify a good place to earn money?

No, Spotify is not a good place to earn money for those who are budding artists.

you should not think that all of a sudden your stream counts will reach up to 1 million and suddenly, you will start earning USD 4000 for one million song streams.

No, this is not very easy. If you can give time, energy, and patience to your career on Spotify, this platform can give you a good amount of money.

Till then, you should use this platform to analyze your growth.

This will demonstrate your strengths and weaknesses on Spotify. Later on, you can use this piece of information to perform much better than before.

How can you purchase a few streams on Spotify?

If you try to purchase a few streams on Spotify, it means that you are deceiving your music talent. You don’t have trust in your capabilities.

Such type of behavior is against the ethics of your music profession. You can’t stay in your profession by doing such malpractice activities for a long time.

Therefore, always condemn such musicians who purchase listeners for a few streams on Spotify and stay away from such downgraded promotional activities.

how does Spotify earn royalty from listeners?

Spotify earns royalty from listeners by following the two ways. One way is the premium paid subscriptions.

Listeners buy premium subscriptions to listen to ad-free music and download music offline. in this way, Spotify gets a huge amount of money in the form of royalty from listeners.

The other way is the advertisements that are played between the songs on Spotify. These advertising agencies have to pay a lot of royalties to get space for their ads on Spotify.


1. What are Spotify Streams?

When the listeners stop by your song to listen to it for at least 30 seconds, it is called one stream on Spotify. Spotify pays for each stream to the artists. For one stream. it pays USD 0.0004. You can get good financial help if you make this your primary profession.

2. How much can you earn with 5000 Streams on Spotify?

Not too much, but a good start if you have got 5000 streams on Spotify in a few days of your entry into this platform. You will get USD 20 when you earn 5000 streams on Spotify. This can be varied based on the listener’s country.

3. How can social media increase the streams on Spotify?

Social media can increase the streams on Spotify if you plan brilliant strategies to boost traffic growth on the platform. You just need to share your link to various places on social media and also motivate your followers to follow you on Spotify. Moreover, you can use it as a promotional space when you launch new content on Spotify.

4. Can I become a successful music artist on Spotify?

Yes, you can become a successful music artist on Spotify. You need to do tiny improvements daily in your music skills. Very soon, you will be able to become a better version than before. Your perseverance and patience will speak louder than your words. You will emerge as a successful music artist on Spotify.

5. What should I do if my stats show no change in stream counts on Spotify?

If your stats show no change in stream counts on Spotify, you should contact the Spotify support team. The team will assist you in resolving the issue.


So far, this article has explained to you how much you can earn with one million streams on Spotify.

Here, you have also learned how to build effective strategies to do marketing your Spotify account so that you will be able to get more organic growth on Spotify and make this platform a sustainable source of money.

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