How to Get Verified on Spotify?

So you have released your playlist on Spotify, fans are tuning in to your playlists, and streams are racking up! But what about your blue checkmark? Is your Spotify profile verified?

Now, Spotify verification is open for all artists. You, I, or anyone else can get verification on Spotify and can make the profile legitimate.

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One single blue checkmark changes the appearance of your profile as you look more professional artist than before.

Fear not! It’s not very difficult to earn a blue badge on Spotify. Here, you’ll read how to get verified on Spotify plus why it is good to get verified on Spotify. So, read on the further details and get a new name in the music world.

How can I get verified on Spotify?

How will you feel when you will see a pretty cool blue checkmark just next to your name? Obviously, you will be on cloud nine. So, for whom you are waiting? Claim your verification badge right now and enter the world of new opportunities on Spotify.

Check out the following steps and unlock some interesting features on Spotify along with a legit title:

1. Go live on Spotify

Is your music going live on Spotify? If you’re naive on Spotify and have just released only one album on Spotify, then, you should wait. Worry not! Once you go live on Spotify, you’ll be able to apply for Spotify verification. So, wait for a little bit more, do more persistence, go live on Spotify, and claim your profile.

2. Claim your profile on Spotify for Artists checkmark once you complete the procedure of claiming your profile on Spotify for Artists without any flaw. Just go through the following steps to claim your profile on Spotify for Artists:

screenshot of Spotify for artists
  • Navigate to the option Get Access.
Get Access Spotify for artists
  • Select the tab Artist or Manager.
  • Tap the option Continue.
  • Underneath your profile details, tap Next.
  • Then, enter your Spotify artist URL to claim your Spotify profile.

3. Fill in personal details

Just wait! The procedure for claiming an artist profile on Spotify is still not complete. You need to complete a few more steps.

Provide the following details about yourself to claim a blue tick:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Business email
  • Role (choose your role artist or manager)
  • Enter company name (if this is applicable to you)
  • Tap a checkmark to confirm that you’re not a robot.
  • Now, tap Next.
click next in the form of spotify

4. Give verification

Now, you’ve reached the final step of verification. In this step, you have to go through the following steps:

  • Verify your Spotify account by connecting to the artist’s social accounts i.e. Instagram or Twitter. Alternatively, you can paste the URL of your artist’s profile.
  • Now, tick mark the terms and conditions of Spotify for Artists.
  • Finally, tap the button of Submit.

5. Wait for a blue checkmark

After submitting the request for the Spotify verification badge, you have to wait for a few days to finally get the blue checkmark next to your name. Once you earn it, your whole identity will be changed on Spotify. You will no longer be an ordinary artist, but a professional artist on Spotify.

Why should I get verified on Spotify

Spotify of Artists boasts a lot of opportunities for artists. You can also be that lucky one to avail of the benefits of those opportunities.

Check out here what more interesting tools and features Spotify has for you once you get a blue tick next to your name:

1. Blue checkmark

Who doesn’t want to have a blue checkmark on social media platforms? Of course, this makes your profile more valuable and reliable.

When you get a blue checkmark on Spotify, you outrank among contemporary artists. You become a professional artist who has a unique portfolio in the world of music.

2. Professional look

When you get verified on Spotify, you get a professional look. Your simple artist profile is converted into a professional artist profile. You can access more tools to outshine others. You get many opportunities to enhance the visits and streams on your Spotify playlist. In this way, your verified badge boosts the organic traffic growth on your Spotify account.

3. Access profile customization

Have you earned the blue check mark? If yes, your whole artist profile’s control is in your hands. Now, you can do what you want to do with your profile to make it unique and special.

Customise your profile. Update the Spotify profile picture of a professional look. Your profile pic on Spotify should reveal that you’re not a beginner on Spotify, but a professional who has given many hit playlists to Spotify.

Furthermore, edit a creative bio to your account. Think about what you can write in your bio to connect your fans with you. You can include your influences, nominations, awards, personal traits, etc. in your bio.

4. Analyse streaming analytics

Next, you will get an opportunity to analyse the streaming analytics. You will get a visual graph on Spotify by which you can analyse your daily, weekly, and monthly performance on Spotify. Furthermore, you will get stream stats to analyse how your playlists are accepted by the fans.

This tool is helpful when you are looking for ways to increase a huge fanbase on Spotify. You can build strategies based on this graphic chart.

5. Access Artists Pick

The most interesting feature of Spotify for Artists is the Artists Pick. You can access it from the moment you become the owner of a blue badge on Spotify. See here, what interesting features it has hidden for you:

  • You can pin your most popular song or playlist at the top of your profile playlists. This helps you promote your Spotify account and get unbounded traffic of fans to your account.
  • Have you ever thought of adding featured images to your playlists to stand out among other artists? If yes, now, you can do it. As soon as your profile gets a blue checkmark, you can add featured images to your playlist or song in no time.
  • Share gigs or tour dates with your fans or followers with the Artists Pick.

6. Submit to Spotify playlist

One more benefit that you can avail of after getting a cool blue tick is that you can submit your Spotify playlist to the Spotify editorial team.

But always remember that your playlist should be 100% original and have never been released on any other platform before this.


1. How many followers do I need to get a blue checkmark on Spotify?

Earlier, there was a limit set by Spotify that at least 250 followers were essential for a Spotify artist to apply for a blue badge. But now, this limitation has been removed. Now, any artist who goes live on Spotify can apply for a blue badge without any ado.

2. How long does it take to get verified on Spotify?

It takes a few days to get verified on Spotify. The reason is that your request is reviewed by the Spotify team before allowing you a blue checkmark. This procedure takes at least 2-3 days.

3. Is it easy to get verified on Spotify?

Yes, it is very easy to get verified on Spotify. You can send a request for it on Spotify for Artists. There, you will get the prompts. Just follow the prompts and submit your request with verification proofs like other official accounts on social media.

4. Can I get verified on Spotify for free?

Yes, you can get verified on Spotify for free. You don’t need to pay anything to get the approval for Spotify verification. Spotify hasn’t laid any charge on this.

5. Does Spotify pay for verified artists?

Spotify pays for the streams to artists. The more streams you have, the more chances of earning are increased on Spotify. Hence, try to boost the organic traffic growth by getting a verified badge on Spotify.

6. Can two artists have the same name on Spotify?

Yes, two artists can have the same name on Spotify. If your release is launched on any wrong profile, you can apply for a Spotify artist separation to ask for a help.

End Note

To sum up, Spotify has made it very easy to get verified. Hope that you have understood all the steps that have been broken down in this guide to help you to get a blue checkmark.

So, without any more delay, apply for it and earn the utmost fame in the world of music with a blue tick. Hope you would Get Verified on spotify.

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