Gapless Playback Spotify : (All about it)

Do you want that the songs on Spotify should be played in continuity without overlapping the former song?

If yes, then, you should enable the feature of Gapless playback on Spotify app which is exclusively designed for this purpose.

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The gapless playback feature works well with consecutive live studio albums or recordings. These albums are developed in a way that all the songs are played in order.

Check out more interesting details about the Gapless Playback Spotify and enjoy its uninterrupted music with the utmost fun.

what is gapless playback on spotify?

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Gapless playback on Spotify is very popular among Spotify lovers. Its fans know how it blends one song into the other song without mixing the two songs when the live song albums or recordings are played.

In this procedure, no song is overlapped. This transition in the songs continues without any silence or pause.

But this feature doesn’t work well if you are playing a random playlist on Spotify. Furthermore, if the songs are in the queue order on Spotify, the gapless feature is useless to do a seamless transition of songs.

Features/Functions of Gapless Playback on Spotify?

Are you a big fan of listening to music on Spotify like me? Don’t you want to spoil your mood due to the unexpected silence of the pause between the transition of songs?

Then, check out the following features of gapless playback on Spotify given below:

  • It works much better than the other feature of Spotify known as Crossfade.
  • The gapless feature is for both free as well as premium family plan/duo plan/student subscribers.
  • The first song blends into the other smoothly without any kind of overlapping in the songs.
  • This feature is not suitable if you are playing random songs or playlists.
  • You will get its advantages in playing live stream recordings or audios.
  • You can enable or disable it on Spotify in no time.

How to enable/Disable Gapless Playback on your Spotify?

Don’t think that you are not having a paid premium subscription plan to Spotify, your enjoyment of it will be limited. You can enjoy gapless playback anytime even if you are a free user.

Just enable the feature of gapless playback and allow you to enjoy uninterrupted tracks of songs or podcasts today.

The feature is available for only Android/iphone – mobile devices. You would not find gapless features on your Spotify desktop.

Read the following pointers to enable/disable the gapless playback on Spotify.

  • Open your Spotify app on Android or iPhone.
open spotify app on your phone
  • Then, tap on the Settings.
tap setting option on spotify
  • Scroll down the screen to the Gapless option.
Screenshot for Gapless autplayback features on spotify
  • Then, swipe the toggle bar right to enable the gapless playback feature.
screenshot for swipe the toggle bar right to enable the gapless playback feature
  • Alternatively, swipe the toggle bar left to disable the gapless playback feature.
screenshots for swipe the toggle bar left to disable the gapless playback feature

How does Gapless Playback work?

Gapless playback is a good option to choose even though you are a premium plan subscriber. It removes the gap between the songs.

It works only when you are listening to live audio recording tracks, classical music, classical songs, and much more. In such playlists, the songs/audio tracks can be blended into each other perfectly without showing any kind of silence.

But if you are skipping songs or playing a playlist randomly, you don’t need gapless playback. There will not come any silence between songs.

The pause can make unhappy to those music lovers who want to listen to music in succession. Therefore, the option of gapless playback is chosen on Spotify.

Gapless Playback Spotify VS crossfade spotify

Gapless Playback Crossfade
You can enjoy a seamless musical experience on Spotify when the option of the Gapless Playback is enabled. It is without pause, ads, and silence.The experience with the Crossfade feature is not good. There can be the issues like abrupt pauses/breakings and overlapped songs.
It functions best for mixed playlists created by Spotify, live recordings or playlists, classical songs and classical music.It functions for the random playlists.
There’s no need to schedule timing for the transmission of the song.The duration for song transmission is scheduled to remove the problem of overlapping songs.
The songs are played naturally.Songs are not played naturally and spoil the mood of listener.
Can be used by premium and free users.Can be used by premium and free users.

Fix gapless playback spotify not working

Let’s identify what causes gapless playback Spotify not working and its solutions in the following points:

  • Play only mixed playlists created by Spotify and live music streams as Spotify gapless playback doesn’t work for your personalised playlists and liked songs.
  • Gapless playback can’t be used for offline music. Turn on your Wi-Fi and play streamed tracks on Spotify.
  • Turn off the feature of crossfade when you are using Gapless playback as the two features can be messy on Spotify.
  • The audio normalisation feature can also create issues with Gapless playback. So, disable it at that time.
  • Keep your Spotify app always updated to have a better experience on Spotify.
  • Gapless playback can stop working due to any technical glitch or bug. Wait for some time. The Spotify team will resolve the issue soon.

When & Why should you use Gapless playback on Spotify?

You should use gapless playback on Spotify when you are playing streamed tracks on Spotify. This doesn’t work for your personalized playlists. This only works for Spotify-created mixed playlists, live music, classical music, and classical songs.

If you are a premium plan subscriber, you can listen to playlists offline as well. But you should be online for enabling the feature of gapless playback.

With the help of this feature, you will get a super level of experience in listening to consecutive audio tracks. No pause and no silence will interrupt your listening to the best music. One song will blend with the other song smoothly without mixing into each other.


How To Add Gap Between Songs On Spotify?

You can’t add gaps between songs on Spotify. They are found in each playlist. The gap comes when one song ends and the other song starts. You can disable the feature of gapless playback for listening to music or songs with gaps.

What is the difference between Gapless Playback and Automix on Spotify?

Gapless playback doesn’t mix one song with another song for removing the pauses. But the automix is powered by crossfade. It blends the tracks by overlapping songs on Spotify.

Should I use gapless playback on Spotify?

You should use gapless playback on Spotify if you want uninterrupted music on Spotify. This will help you in getting the best experience of music that you have never experienced anywhere.

Is Seamless Playback and gapless playback same?

The gapless playback feature enables seamless playback of live audio tracks, Spotify-created mixed playlists, classical music, and classical songs. You will enjoy the best quality songs with seamless playback.

Is Gapless Playback and crossfade on Spotify same?

No, gapless playback and crossfade are not the same on Spotify. Gapless playback provides users with uninterrupted songs without overlapping. But when you use the feature of crossfade the songs can get overlapped. This can be reduced by setting the time duration for song transmission in Crossfade.

Is gapless playback available only on Premium plans?

Yes, gapless playback is available only on premium plans. You should come online if your listening to songs in offline mode. Gapless playback works for streamed tracks.

Wrapping Up

Hope that you are satisfied with the above-given information for the gapless playback features of spotify. Now, you know the difference between gapless and crossfade.

You will be able to solve the issue with the gapless playback in no time.

So, enjoy uninterrupted and consecutive music on Spotify. No chance of fading one song into the other when you play Spotify audio tracks with gapless playback.

Please do not forget to share your opinion in the comments section below. Write your gapless playback issue to us. We will help you in fixing the issue.

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