What is Favourite Music Guru Spotify? All About it. Find the Top artist & track

Favourite music guru is a third-party tool which gathers data about your listening history on Spotify, and then, prepares a list of the most-heard tracks and songs for your chosen period.

Suppose you are listening to any song on Spotify, it is also enlisted by the Favourite Music Guru along with the most heard tracks over a period.

In this way, you can rediscover your likes on Spotify in a specific time period.

You can choose the time period on Favourite music guru to find the top artist and track.

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How Does Favourite Music Guru for Spotify Works?

Favourite Music Guru offers three-time periods including short-term ( last 4 weeks), middle-term ( last 6 months), and long-term (last few years).

In this way, this third-party tool breaks down top Spotify artists and tracks lineups into the mentioned time periods.

You can find your top artists and tracks without any delay and review them. It becomes more interesting when you want to know a few years-old history of listening on Spotify. You will get back your old tracks and enjoy them.

How to Find Top artist & track from Favourite Music Guru Spotify?

To get a detailed and comprehensive list of playlists, you should visit the Favourite Music Guru Spotify. You can get started on it by following some easy steps:

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  • Step 2: Now you will be asked to log in to Favourite music guru with your Spotify account. You can continue with Google, facebook or by manually entering the Spotify email and password and then tapping to log in.
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  • Now, you will be shown the statement to agree for favourite music guru. You have to scroll below and tap on the Agree option.
  • Now, All the data would show from your Spotify account like your Most recent tracks, top artists etc.
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Features of Favourite Music Guru website for Spotify

With the help of the Favourite Music Guru website, you can make your experience with Spotify more wonderful. Hence, check out the features of the website that are given below:

  • Create a personalized playlist with Favourite Music Guru as you will get an analytical record of your listening tracks, artists, and genres from it. It will help you a lot when you customise your playlist offline and online.
  • Don’t you want to know what you loved to listen to three years ago? Favourite Music Guru on Spotify will help you discover your old songs.
  • It is safe and secure. It has protected from malware or cyber security attacks. It only uses listening data that you have on Spotify.
  • You can use it very easily. Its navigation is not difficult to understand.
  • But it lacks some graphics and visuals. Therefore, you will get only the names of your top songs and artists. This can help you a lot when you are developing a new playlist on Spotify.

Why & How to fix Favourite music guru not working

Are you not able to explore your top tracks and artists on Favorite Music Guru? Then, don’t bother about it. Let’s understand its reasons and solutions that are given below :

  1. Allow Access: It may be possible that you have not allowed Favourite Music Guru to access the data of Spotify. Therefore, it is not working. To overcome this issue, you should enable access to Spotify by logging in to the Favourite Music Guru.
  2. Confirm Your Spotify Account: Check whether you are connected to any wrong Spotify account. If this is the cause, then, you should log out of that Spotify account and connect to the Favourite Music Guru website with your right Spotify account.
  3. Sufficient Data: It might be possible that you don’t have sufficient data on the Spotify account. Therefore, change the time range on the Favourite Music Guru to get the results.


Is it safe to use Favourite Music Guru for Spotify?

Yes, it is safe to use Favourite Music Guru for Spotify. It doesn’t use your personal information. It only gets your listening history data from the Spotify app and shows your favourite music artist and song that you have played the most in a specific period.

Who is Favourite Music Guru on Spotify?

Favourite Music Guru on Spotify is a third-party tool that has been designed by the CEO of Spotify. With its help, users can personalize their playlists in a much better way and can take their experience to the advanced level.

What to do if showing wrong result of spotify on favourite music guru?

If the results shown by the Favourite Music Guru look wrong, then, it might be possible that you are connected to the wrong Spotify account. Then, you should try connecting to your browser’s current Spotify account.

Can i connect favourite music guru to other streaming song like spotify?

No, you can’t connect Favourite Music Guru to other streaming songs like Spotify. This has only been built for Spotify. It can not show the analysis of any other musical app in any way.

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