Does Spotify have Spatial Audio?

Are you also thinking Does Spotify have spatial audio? Are you also excited to listen spatial audio song of Spotify?

If yes, then you are at the right place.

Before we talk about does Spotify have Spatial Audio, we need to talk about sounds in general. We all love sounds when they come from speakers right?

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We love those surrounding audios so much that we find every way possible to make it sound similar. That’s why Dolby and Sony tried to come up with such 360-degree sounds and succeeded greatly.

So, then we had Apple coming up with Spatial audio similar to those existing sound technologies but with the added effect of dynamic head tracking.

In general, spatial audio makes it feel like you are listening to audio on speakers or in a big room with huge speakers. So, let`s know all about the Spotify spatial audio.

What does Spatial audio mean on Spotify?

Spatial audio is a kind of sound technology that enables us to perceive sound or audio in a three-dimensional way and follows our movement just like we are present in a loud area like concerts or movie halls.

It makes us feel like the audio is all around us without the presence of such an environment.

I will be honest about this. Spatial Audio means nothing on Spotify unless you use Apple devices like AirPods.

Spotify will work pretty much the same with or without the Spatial Audio. Once you select the spatial mode, all platforms that support audio will play audio in spatial mode but only if they themselves support it.

Does Spotify Support Spatial Audio?

Does Spotify have Spatial Audio? No! Spotify does not support Spatial Audio as a platform. Although it is the most used music streaming platform, surprisingly Spotify does not support Spatial Audio itself.

Many other platforms have already updated to spatial audio but Spotify currently has no spatial audio supporting feature.

But don’t be disheartened, as there are playlists of some spatial audio songs on Spotify that you can play to get the feels if your device has the spatial audio feature.

Some songs available with spatial audio on spotify

As I said earlier, Spotify has certain playlists that are spatial audio songs- here are some of the top spatial audio playlists to enjoy:

Made for Spatial Audio by Daniel Bobeică

Made for Spatial Audio by Daniel Bobeică

This playlist has 116 spatial audio songs. Some spatial audio songs on spotify are listed Below:-

  • Blinding Lights- The Weekend,
  • Thank u, next- by Ariana Grande,
  • Good 4 u- by Olivia Rodrigo
  • Black skinhead, Kanye west
  • Late at night, Roddy rich
  • Side of me, Masgo
  • Circles, Post malone
  • and many more.

Hits in Spatial Audio

Hits in Spatial Audio

This is a collection of 104 hit songs popular in spatial audio format. Enjoy listening to this playlist of songs with the effects of spatial audio.

Some of the Top spatial audio songs of ‘Hits in spatial audio’ playlist are given below:-

  • Lavender Haze, Taylor swift
  • My Mind & Me, Selena Gomez
  • Die for you, joji
  • Anti-Hero, Taylor swift
  • Life me up, Rihaana
  • Shirt, sza
  • When the party`s over, Billie English
  • Question…?
  • And many more.

Screenshot for the tap on setting icon.

When Spatial audio will be launched on Spotify?

Earlier in 2021, Spotify had released the statement that they will come with something similar to Spatial Audio with the name of Spotify HIFI.

However, ever since this release, there have been no answers or very vague answers related to HIFI’s release on Spotify.

There is only news that Spotify will release it someday and it is currently still working on it. You can read the official news and information about HIFI below.

According to initial release information, Spotify HIFI is supposed to allow Spotify Premium users to get a better sound quality like a lossless audio format with CD-like quality.

Now, I can explain CD- quality but who really is interested in the specs? Just know that it is supposed to be better than the current best sound quality offered.

As for lossless audio is- it means the details in the music or audio will remain the same as the source.

There will be no loss of sounds or background low vocals and sounds to give an overall good experience.

Requirements to listen spotify Spatial audio

There are some specific requirements to listen to audio on Spotify whether the device is supportable or not and many more things

You can listen to Spotify music or podcasts on either a Desktop, mobile, or tablet. If you want to use Spatial Audio on Spotify, you will need to have the following things:-

  • Check if your AirPods are compatible using Spatial Audio. (preferred models would be: AirPods Pro ‌or‌ AirPods Max or anything latest on the market)
  • You should have iPhone 7 or later version for listening to spatial audio of Spotify on your iPhone.
  • You can connect your Android phone to headphones or earbuds for listening to spatial audio.
  • Your Device must have a stable internet connection for listening the spatial audio.

How to enable spatial audio on Spotify?

If you think that you will get issue in connecting for listening spatial audio on your device either it is android or iphone) from spotify then no need to worry about it.

Below we have given the steps for turning on spatial audio on your iphone and Android as the process is different according to device.

Steps to Turn on Spotify Spatial Audio on Iphone

The below given steps will work for both iPhone and iPad devices for enabling spatial audio option.

  • Wear and Connect your AirPods with your iPhone device.
  • Go to the Control Centre on your iPhone. 
open control center on your iphone smartphone
  • Touch and hold “Volume Control” to reveal more options.
Touch and hold “Volume Control” on your iphone
  • To Select Spatial Audio, tap on Spatialise Stereo.
Tap on Spatialise Stereo
  • Now, you will get three options for spatial audio on your iphone , you would need to toggle it accordingly to your need or choice. They are Off, Fixed, and head-tracked.
    • Head tracked option – it allows to listen the spatial song according to your head movement.
    • Fixed option – only spatial audio turned on and same even when head movement.
    • Off – It will turn off the spatial audio.
three option for spatial audio on iphone.png

Steps to Turn on Spotify Spatial Audio on Android

  • Open the setting of your smartphone.
tap on setting of your android phone
  • Go to the sound & Vibration option.
Screenshot for the option sound and vibration
  • Then, tap on spatial.
screenshot for spatial audio option on android
  • Now, toggle the wired headphone option.
 screenshot for toggle the wired headphone option

About Audio quality for Spatial audio on spotify

There are certain features about the spotify sound quality of distinctions between normal users and Spotify premium users for the sound quality of spotify as well as for spatial audio also.

For the web player, Spotify Premium users enjoy a quality of AAC 256kbit/s as compared to normal users with a quality of AAC 128kbit/s.

For devices, sound quality will depend on your internet connection with three ranges of Low, Normal and

High for normal Users while four ranges of Low, Normal, High and Very high for Spotify premium users with each having a different sound quality.

Spotify Sound Quality Requirements

Some Platforms where you can listen Spatial audio

Although our dear Spotify does not support Spatial Audio, most of the rival platforms or streaming platforms have upgraded themselves to support Spatial Audio. Some of them include the popular ones like:

  • Apple TV
  • Disney+
  • Hulu
  • Plex
  • Peacock
  • Netflix
  • Discovery+
  • Paramount+
  • HBO Max
  • Vudu
  • and many more platforms.

YouTube and Google Tv have also started supporting Spatial Audio for ease of the users.


Currently, How many spatial audios are available on Spotify?

Currently Spotify has about 116 songs that are Spatial Audio. These are in playlist called Made for Spatial Audio. Link to this playlist is mentioned above.

Does Spotify support AirPods Pro spatial audio?

You can use Spatial Audio on Apple devices in general through Volume Control but Spotify itself does not support Spatial audio of AirPods Pro or any other latest ones yet.

How do I turn on Spatial Audio on Spotify?

You can’t turn on Spatial audio on Spotify, you can only turn on spatial audio for Apple Devices in general from Control Centre and then use Spotify.

Does spatial audio available on Spotify Premium?

No, there is no Spatial audio feature available on Spotify Premium or on the application itself.

Does Spotify have dolby atmos?

You can enjoy Dolby Atmos audio from the doby atmos playlist on spotify.

Wrapping Up

I hope now you would be enjoying the experience of spatial audio from some of the playlists of Spotify on your supported device.

So, now you can`t listen to all songs on Spotify with the spatial audio features but if you want to take experience then you can access some spatial audio playlists on Spotify and can enjoy them.

If you have any issues or feedback then let us know in the comment below.

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