DJ Apps that Work with Spotify

Are you a budding DJ artist who can spice up with Spotify songs? If yes, then, you might be wondering which DJ apps can work with Spotify perfectly.

I will guide you to find the best DJ App that can work with Spotify and can make you a well-known DJ artist in the future.

DJ Apps that Work with Spotify

In this article, you will come to know about the best DJ apps for spotify that use special tools like beat music, 3D effect,

and real-time mixing to let your inner DJ artist comes out. So, download these amazing apps and give a unique flavour to your songs.

What do DJ Apps with Spotify mean?

DJ apps with Spotify mean to create a unique playlist. Using the DJ apps with Spotify doesn’t mean that you need to be a DJ artist.

Even a novice in this field can do much more creativity with the Spotify songs on the DJ apps.

No matter whether you are a free user of Spotify or paid subscriber, you can change your Spotify songs as you love to hear.

By using crossfading, beat music, and 3D effect tools, you can make them unique.

But you can not use the DJ apps with Spotify directly. You need a music converter tool that can transfer your Spotify song into a file.

In this way, your DJ app will work for your Spotify song. So, be ready to fulfil your dream of becoming a DJ artist with the DJ apps.

Does Spotify Support third-party DJ Apps?

From July 1, 2020, the Spotify App has stopped to be accessed through third-party apps including DJ Apps.

Earlier, the Spotify App was integrated with many DJ apps. Therefore, it could be accessed through them.

But when the Spotify team announced its deactivation, it also announced that this service would be continued for some Spotify users for some time only.

about Integrated DJ Features on Spotify that works

If you have a premium subscription to Spotify and are residing in the USA and Canada, you can enjoy the in-built feature of DJ non-stop.

When you turn on the feature of DJ, you turn on the AI-powered voice on your Spotify that plays the songs of your personalized playlists with timeless throwbacks.

Furthermore, to make your day more special, the latest trending songs are also played by the integrated DJ of Spotify.

Let’s understand how the feature of DJ work through the following pointers:

  • Launch your Spotify app.
  • Tap on Home.
  • Then, play the music that you want to listen.
  • Then, tap DJ at the bottom of the screen.

List OF DJ Apps that Work with Spotify

For enhancing your love for DJ apps with Spotify, I have enlisted the best DJ apps in the following points:

  • Cross DJ
  • Mixon set
  • JQBX
  • Pacemaker
  • Virtual DJ
  • Djay Pro
  • Serato DJ

#1. Cross DJ APP for Android, iPhone

Enjoy the clear interface of the cross DJ app with good best detection. If any beat goes wrong, it becomes automatically correct.

#2. Mixon Set for iPhone

Mixon set dj app
  • App used on: iPhone and iPod
  • Download Mixon set from: App store
  • Price : Free trial
  • App used with: Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal, Apple Music, and iTunes

Download this app and enjoy a seamless AI-powered transition. Also, make Spotify mixes in no time and share them with friends.

#3. JQBX for Android, iPhone, Desktop

JQBX for Android, iPhone, Desktop
  • App used for: Mac, Android, iOS, iPad, and PC
  • Download JQBX from: Google Play Store, App Store, and web
  • Price: Free
  • App used with: Spotify

You can download this app to enjoy Spotify with your friends. But if you are thinking to use it to showcase your DJ talent, it should not be your preferred pick.

#4. Pacemaker for Iphone

Pacemaker DJ for Iphone
  • App used for: iOS, iPad, and Apple watch
  • Download Pacemaker from: App store
  • Price: Free
  • App used with: Spotify

You can enjoy its free version but if you buy its paid subscription, you will be able to access its advanced DJ features like reverb, echo, and beat skip.

#5. Virtual DJ for Iphone & Desktop

Virtual DJ for Iphone & Desktop

Virtual DJ app has revolutionized the DJ mix. You will get real-time mixing, live mashups, seamless transitions, and much more features on the app.

#6. Djay Pro for Android, Iphone, desktop

Djay Pro for Android, Iphone, desktop
  • App used on: Android, iOS, Mac and Windows 10
  • Download Djay Pro from: App store, Google Play Store, web
  • Price: Paid
  • App used with: Spotify, Soundcloud, and Tidal

It is specifically designed for Windows 10 and has a complete tool for making your songs. You can choose the free option of DJ Pro AI.

#7. Serato DJ for iPhone, Desktop

Serato DJ for iPhone, Desktop
  • App used for: Mac, iPhone, iPad, and PC
  • Download Serato DJ from: App store and web
  • Price: Free
  • App used with: Spotify, Beatsource, Beatport LINK, Soundcloud, and TIDAL

You should download the world’s most popular and most reliable Serato DJ app. Serato DJ Lite is free to download. But Serato DJ Pro is a paid one. Its price range starts from USD 9.99/m.


Is there a DJ app that works with Spotify?

No, there is not any app that works with Spotify directly. Spotify has barred the use of third-party DJ apps access with it.

Why did Spotify stop supporting DJ apps?

Spotify stopped supporting DJ apps unexpectedly. Nobody expected this from Spotify. Nobody knew when it would grant permission to the DJ apps with Spotify.

How can I use DJ with spotify music?

You can use an integrated DJ feature with Spotify Music. Though you will not be experimental, you will hear Spotify mixes by turning on this feature. Spotify mixes include personalised playlist, evergreen throwbacks, and the latest songs.

Which is the best DJ apps that works with spotify on Android?

The Cross DJ is the best DJ app that works with Spotify on Android. Its advanced feature of beat detection is very advanced. Whenever you lose any beat in the DJ mix, it will be corrected automatically.

Which is the best DJ apps that works with spotify on Iphone?

Serato DJ app is the best DJ app that works with Spotify on iPhone. This is the world’s best and most reliable app on Spotify.

Wrapping uP

So far, this article has explained to you the best DJ apps that work well with Spotify. Now, you know how to use them with your favourite streamed music platform Spotify.

Please don’t leave your feedback in the comments section below. We would love to know your opinion.

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