How to clear spotify cache?

If you are having some issues with your spotify like not functioning proper then must try to clear the cache of spotify app.

How to clear Spotify cache on Android and iPhone?

You can clear Spotify cache on Android and iPhone with the help of the spotify app`s built-in cache option.

  • Go to the Spotify app.
homepage of spotify
  • Navigate to the Settings.
Open Spotify Settings.
  • Go to the Storage section.
  • Look for the option of clear cache.
for screenshot to clear cache your spotify
  • Tap on it.
screenshot for confirmation of clear cache of spotify app

how to clear spotify cache on desktop

Go through the following pointers and increase the speed of your Spotify by clearing its cache:

  • Go to the Spotify desktop app.
  • Navigate to the profile picture or person’s icon given in the top right corner of the screen.
screenshots for tapping on profile icon of your spotify account on desktop
  • Select the option of Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, go to the Storage section.
  • Click on the cache to reclaim the storage on Spotify.

Why does it become necessary to clear Spotify cache?

It becomes crucial to clear the cache on Spotify. Without clearing the Spotify cache, you will have to encounter the following issues:

  • Spotify app can take too much time to load your songs.
  • It may be possible that you won’t be able to download the songs.
  • Sometimes, the downloaded songs can not be listened to offline on Spotify due to the cache memory.
  • You can’t join the group session on Spotify if you experience the issue of bugs.
  • The Spotify app will stop playing again and again due to the cache.
  • You can’t add new songs to the playlist until you reclaim the storage by clearing the Spotify memory.
  • If you are an artist on Spotify, you will not be able to access your Spotify artist profile unless you clear the Spotify cache.
  • Spotify will not show you the search results due to the less memory.
  • You may face the issue of shuffling the songs without your wish if there is any issue with your Spotify cache.
  • Spotify will autoplay the songs in between your playlist due to the presence of glitches in your app.

how does Spotify use cache?

Spotify uses a cache to save songs and playlists for later in its temporary memory. When any user tries to access the same songs or playlists. it takes less time to load. Let’s understand it in detail.

Whenever you stream any song or track in your Spotify app, Spotify searches for it on its server. But not every time. Once you load the song or track on Spotify, the software of your device will keep it in the memory of the cache.

The next time, when you load the same song on Spotify, you will find that Spotify has not used the server of the app to play it for you.

But the data storage of the cache memory has played the song for you on Spotify. This reduces the speed of the phone’s memory. In this case, you need to clear the cache of Spotify.


1. Where is the Spotify cache folder?

The Spotify cache folder is in the Settings of your app. To explore it, you should go to the settings of your app. Then, scroll down the screen to search for the section of Storage. In this section, you will get cache.

2. How do I clear my Spotify cache from my Android settings?

You can clear your Spotify cache from your Android settings very easily. For this, go to the settings of your phone. Then, search for the option of the App Management. Tap on it. Then, select the Spotify from the list. Then, tap on the option of Storage. Finally, you will get the option of clear cache.

3. How do I clear Spotify cache from the iPhone settings?

You can clear the Spotify cache from the iPhone by uninstalling the app. For this, you need to press the app icon on the screen for long. Then, choose the option of Delete. In this way, you will get rid of the Spotify cache.

4. Will I lose my downloaded songs on Spotify if I clear cache?

No, this is a myth that you will lose your downloaded songs on Spotify if you clear your Spotify
cache. You don’t need to have any backup. You are going to delete only temporary files.

5. Can a free plan user clear the cache on Spotify?

Yes, a free plan user can also clear the cache on Spotify. This option can be accessed by any Spotify user in the app no matter if you are a premium subscriber or a free user.

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