How to clear spotify cache?

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If you are having some issues with your spotify like not functioning proper then must try to clear the cache of spotify app. How to clear Spotify cache on Android and iPhone? You can clear Spotify cache on Android and iPhone with the help of the spotify app`s built-in cache option. how to clear spotify … Read more

How many minutes have i listened to Spotify?

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By visiting to spotify account data, Using 3rd party application, and through spotify wrapped, You can easily check the amount of time you have spent on listening to spotify.. How to know how many minutes have I listened to Spotify? Spotify doesn’t allow frequent tracking of listening time. But it releases annual results. In those … Read more

How to Add Lyrics to Spotify?

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Have you searched for the whole Spotify app to find an option to add lyrics to Spotify but couldn’t find one? Right? Now, you are confused! Worry not! You’ve come to the right place. Here, you will come to know about a platform that has been designed for Spotify artists like you and me to … Read more

How to Get Verified on Spotify?

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So you have released your playlist on Spotify, fans are tuning in to your playlists, and streams are racking up! But what about your blue checkmark? Is your Spotify profile verified? Now, Spotify verification is open for all artists. You, I, or anyone else can get verification on Spotify and can make the profile legitimate. … Read more

How to Renew Spotify Premium?

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No, you don’t need to renew Spotify Premium manually. Spotify automatically renews your premium subscription. Before your plan expires, the Spotify app will renew it automatically by charging the money from your account for the premium plan. You will always get notified by your bank of the amount deduction for the Spotify premium plan subscription. … Read more

How Much Does Spotify Pay for 1 Million Streams?

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Looking for how much Spotify pays for 1 million streams? Tired of working hard to upload playlists on Spotify? You’re in luck! In this post, we will show you how to increase Spotify streams without so much struggle and how much Spotify will pay you for one million streams. Furthermore, you will also get some … Read more

Free Audiobooks on Spotify

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Are you a bibliophile like me but don’t get enough time to read books? If yes, then, Spotify will help you to get time for books between morning and night busy hours. If you are thinking about how this is possible through the Spotify app, you will be amazed to know about the free audiobooks … Read more

How to Turn off Offline Mode on Spotify?

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To Turn off offline mode on your Spotify, go to Homepage < Setting < Playback < Toggle left to turn off offline mode. What is offline mode on Spotify? If you turn on offline mode on Spotify, you will no longer get the latest playlists and podcasts on Spotify. You can listen to your downloaded … Read more

How to Turn Off Smart Shuffle on Spotify?

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By turning off the smart shuffle feature, your soundtracks are played without any interruption. No recommendation is shown. Steps to Turn off smart shuffle on Android & iphone Before following the below steps, you should make sure that your Spotify premium fearure is active. Steps to turn off smart shuffle on Desktop How to turn … Read more