Why does Spotify Play the Same songs?

Solution:- You would need to Turn off Automix, keep your playlist updated, and diversify listening track. To know why Spotify plays the same songs over and over, it is essential to know about the shuffle feature of the Spotify app. When the Spotify app plays the tracks with the enabled shuffle feature, it plays the … Read more

Spotify Password Requirements


The Requirement for a Spotify password is – There should be at least 8 characters and it should include at least 1 number and 1 special character. Recently, I created an account on Spotify but I was having issues while creating a password because I was unaware of the Spotify password Requirement. Later on, I … Read more

How to Speed up Songs on Spotify?

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Whether you are a free user or a premium plan subscriber, you can use the built-in feature of Spotify to increase the speed of a song on your Spotify. Steps to speed up Podcasts/song on Spotify on phone Go through the following steps and speed up Spotify podcasts or audio on Android or iOS: why … Read more

Fix : 502 Bad Gateway Spotify

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Spotify has revolutionized the music experience of the users. But sometimes the users complain of issue 502 bad gateway error and ask ‘Is 502 bad gateway error of Spotify or of something else?’ Have you also encountered this never-seen issue 502 bad gateway Spotify when you have been running your Spotify? Now, you also don’t … Read more

How to Select Multiple Songs on Spotify?

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Now, you can personalize your playlist on Spotify quickly and easily by selecting multiple songs at once. great. Select Multiple Songs on Mobile Follow the below steps to select multiple Spotify songs to create an amazing playlist: select multiple songs on Spotify Chromebook/PC Thinking about how to select multiple songs on Spotify Chromebook or PC, … Read more

How to Unblock Someone on Spotify?

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Some days ago, you blocked someone on Spotify and now, you want to unblock that user. But not finding any option to unblock the user? This issue is bothering you a lot because you want to unblock that account anyhow. This is very important for you. Don’t worry! You’re in luck. This article contains detailed … Read more

Can you see who views your Spotify?

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Do you want to know if it is possible to see who views your Spotify account? Does Spotify disclose the privacy of individuals who visit Spotify? Such questions will be answered in this article. So, need to go here and there. You have visited the right page. This article will break down many questions regarding … Read more